65 Fairway Oaks Hospitality Agreement

This is a short term Hospitality Agreement made this 31st day of July 2014, by and between Mark and Debra Betts herein called “Host” and Roxy Felio herein called “Guest/Friend”.  Host hereby agrees to rent to Guest the real property located at 65 Fairway Oaks Drive in the Village of Oak Creek, the County of Yavapai, in the state of Arizona.

Arriving on the 9th day of March 2015 and departing on the 13th day of March 2015. Because time is required to clean and prepare our home between Guest, occupancy is to begin and end only on the dates and the times indicated. Check is 11:00 am. 

Guest agrees to pay $800   Refundable Deposit $350 = $1150
Payment Policy:

All payments are processed thru PayPal.  A $350 security deposit is required at the time of reservation.  You will be sent a final payment link 45 days from your arrival.  We will send you final information regarding your visit once final has been confirmed from PayPal.

Confirmation of Your Dates:

You will be sent an e-mail confirming your dates requested once   Host receives the signed agreement (fax to 800.558.0651) and PayPal has notified Host Payment has been processed.

Refundable Security Deposit:

Upon vacating property, we will confirm that there is no damage and all items are returned to the house;  keys, garage door opener,  electronics, remote controls, home items and accessories.

Your security deposit will be refunded within 14 business days after departure, minus any charges for repairs and or replacement.  There is no interest paid on security deposit.

Guest Insurance:

No rights of storage are given by this agreement.  Host will not be liable for any loss of Guest property and Guest  acknowledges  this and  agrees to make no such claim  for  any losses of  damages  against Host, his  agents  or employees.

Condition Of Property:

Guest agrees to contact the Host within 24 hours (800.692.6203) If there is anything about the condition of the property that is in need of repair.   Guest  agrees that  failure to notify  Host will be  legally binding  that the         property was in good condition at the time of occupancy.


Guest shall make no alterations, decorations, additions or improvement in or around the premises.  We reserve the right to replace or exchange all furniture and accessories.


All rights given to the Host by this agreement shall be cumulative in addition to any laws which exist or might come into being.  Any exercise of rights by Host or failure to exercise any rights shall not act as a waiver.  No statement or promise by Host, its agent or employee, as to tenancy, repair, amount or rent be paid, or other terms and conditions shall be binding unless it is put in writing and made a specific part of this agreement.

Legal Binding:

Guest hereby states that he/she is over eighteen and you have legal right to sign for any and all other guest and to commit them to abide by this agreement.


Telephone service is provided for local calls.  Guest should be prepared with prepaid calling cards for long distance calls.  No charges for heat, electricity, wireless and water.  Host is not responsible for interruption to        service due to utility company.


Guest acknowledges and agrees that there will be no refund or adjustment for delayed check-in, early check-out, health or family emergencies, weather conditions or dissatisfaction for any reason.  Guest agree to hold owner clear of any damage or injury to self or property resulting from accident, injury from rain,  flood, negligence, fire, theft, construction or any other situation.

List all guest that will be occupying 65 Fairway Oaks.


Guest ____________________________________






No other individuals are to stay at 65 Fairway Oaks, unless noted on the Hospitality Agreement.  Guest will not conduct parties, receptions or any gathering that will increase occupancy at any time to grate that the maximum occupants or six or that would inconvenience or disturb our neighbors.  Noise/Nuisance and exceeding occupancy is subject to immediate termination of occupancy from 65 Fairway Oaks and forfeiture of Guest            Security Deposit.


No pets allowed

No Smoking:

65 Fairway Oaks is a non-smoking environment.  Smoking is allowed on the patin, away from all doors or windows.  Dispose of your waste appropriately.  There will be the forfeiture of your deposit if there is any indication that there  was smoking in the house.


Before Guest depart, the home should be cleaned and organized.  You are responsible for doing your own dishes, cleaning all appliances and putting all trash in the receptacles provided.  DO NOT LAUNDER HOST TOWELS AND SHEETS WHEN GUEST DEPART.

No Assignment of Hospitality Agreement:

Guest agrees not to assign this agreement, nor to sub-let any part of the property, nor to allow any other person to live therein other than those named under (use) in agreement, without first requesting permission from the Host and paying s surcharge.  Further covenants contained in the agreement, once breached cannot afterward be performed, and that unlawful detainer proceedings may commence.  Penalty may result in loss of deposit and or immediate eviction and loss of all sum paid.

Removal of Host Property:

If anyone removes any property belonging to the host without the express written consent of Host, this will constitute abandonment and surrender of the premises by Guest and termination by them of this Hospitality Agreement.  Loss of deposit and possible legal action.


In this agreement the singular number where used will include the plural, the masculine gender will include the feminine, the term Host will include, innkeeper, and the term Guest will be lodger.

Cancellations Must Be In Writing:

More than 90 days prior to check-in = 100% Refund                               Less   than 90 days prior to check-in =  $200  Fee                                             Less   than 45 days prior to check-in = Loss of all sums paid.